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Feedback Wanted on my Business Cards for UKGE

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Joined: 11/04/2016
UKGE Brieger Business Cards draft 2

Hi – a little different than sell sheet feedback, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on these business cards I'm thinking of printing ahead of UK Games Expo.

They would be for leaving with publishers I am pitching/meeting with, playtesters who want to follow up, and for other game designers I'm connecting with. So not for general consumers necessarily.

Looking for feedback on two major points:
Are they too boring?
What type of games do you think I make based on these cards?
+general thoughts

Any other game designers have business cards made? I'd love to see some examples!

Note – I am exclusively focusing on licensing designs to publishers right now, so I don't have a company or similar that I do business as.

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Joined: 04/06/2017
No idea what type of games. I

No idea what type of games.

I think the "Let's Make Games" & the "Let's Make Someone's Favorite Game Ever" is kind of redundant. Having been raised by an English major makes me ask why there is a singular and a plural of the same word.

The front(?) looks kind of like a website or print ad from a couple years ago & might be forgettable to some (me). As you know, most cards are printed long-ways, and when they are not, they tend to not 'fit' visually with other cards and may be overlooked or tossed (a lot of people can't read sideways or refuse to try and find it a pain to rotate a card- go figure).

I have generic cards with my name & email (I don't use social networks) and I have plenty of space to write something or they can if they want.

Hope this helps.

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Joined: 11/04/2016

Good feedback!

now time to go play with landscape designs.

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[Insert much of what previous commentators said regarding redundancy and it being unclear what type of game you make.]

Are these front and back?

[Most important thought] The white side is clear clean, easy to read. All of the contact information is good.

There a reason for the vertical orientation? More common among non-American businesses?

So many apostrophes, even properly used, is off-putting.

[Edited after re-reading note] Is Let's Make Games[insertion] going to be [end insertion] a company name? And if not, how do you (plural, addressing others) feel about potential inferred and implied levels of responsibility.

(You have my card from Protospiel? Lots of rookie errors including the giant silhouettes hogging the back.)

Boring? Uninformative is a bigger problem--especially if there's a chance there will be a brief meeting and all they'll walk away with is the card. As good as your presence and social skills are, you want something to make a connection in their mind between the name on the card and the experience of meeting you and your ideas.

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Jumping off from what others said, unless you intend "Let's Make Games" to be a company name, I would suggest using that side of the card to reference the game(s) you're pitching. It could be some concept art, the game logo, the card back used in the prototype's deck, or silhouettes/pics of some game components. The last is especially applicable if you're pitching more than one game.

Note that I have no direct experience with these sorts of conferences, so this free advice comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Only One Thing Came to Mind

When I looked at them (and they're beautifully designed, don't get me wrong) the only thing I could think was Cards Against Humanity.

If that's what you're going for, awesome! If not, then I think they should be more like the type of style of game you're looking to create.

I also agree that the tagline needs to either be in quotes or actually be the name of your company.

Good job!

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Joined: 04/06/2017

Here is a suggestion from me-
You are a math based person, exploit that; publishers & business owners will want to use that.

"Balancing games through the power of mathematics."

I think something like that will get your foot in the door faster, and possibly lead to freelance jobs helping to balance games.

Think about reality and answers given. If you & I were asked "How did you do this card game?"
Your answer would be something like- "I figured out.....gobbledy-guk-math-stuff..."
My answer would be- "I thought about it for a day and then forced it out of my conscience mind, and when I woke up 4 days later I knew exactly what to do."

Who is more desirable?

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