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Publisher AND Kickstarter.

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Are there any stories out there of a designer signing a contract with a publisher and doing a Kickstarter? For example a publisher could match the goal amount on a kickstarter if the goal was reached. It would seem that the risk is split between the developer and the publisher, plus you get all the exposure benefits of a kickstarter campaign. I've heard this has worked in the film industry.

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I know some publishers use

I know some publishers use Kickstarter to fund a game. I don't know how it works with breakdowns.
Overworld Games is a publisher that does this. One of the principals is involved in the Forbidden Limb videos & podcasts, they are interesting to watch/listen to, and he discusses it on those.

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Our Story


Our story begins on the heels of our successful TAU CETI campaign this time last year. I had worked as a developer and later brought in as the co-designer for the game, having made more than a dozen instrumental changes to the flow and fabric of TAU CETI. Meanwhile, I had worked as a developer for more than two years with Kris Kycia, a regular at BGDF and serves as one of the Moderators. He asked me to talk to Mike and Stan Strickland from Outer Limit Games, their publishing company which underwrote TAU CETI, on his behalf to see if they would be interested in a second title.

Mike, having run an exceptionally successful KS, was quite amenable to the idea and from the very beginning conceived of a KS to bring Tradewars to life. While I won't go into the details of the arrangement for obvious reasons, suffice it to say that Kris and Mike worked out a satisfactory business plan which manifested itself into yet another successful KS and a second published game.

Hope that helps.


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