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The Game Crafter Now Makes Holographic Foil Cards!

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The Game Crafter
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The Game Crafter - Custom Printed Game Components - Holographic Foil Cards are now available in Poker and Tarot Sizes!

The Game Crafter is very excited to announce Holographic Foil cards. They come in Poker and Tarot sizes.

Watch the product announcement video on Youtube at

Foil replaces the white background on the face of the card only so that you can easily mix them into a deck of regular cards. And the foil is on our standard black core card stock so there is no weight or thickness difference that would give them away when shuffled in with normal cards. We’ve created a helpful document to learn how to design cards for foil at

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Holy Smokes!!! That's AMAZING...

What a wonderful addition to the Poker and Tarot sized cards! Looks freaken nice too... Never thought that THIS day would come. I know it's been mentioned a few times (Foil cards are in development) I thought this was purely "smoke-and-mirrors", something that the TGC crew knew Game Designers wanted ... But didn't necessarily want to implement.

Great stuff Tavis and the TGC crew! I'm sure people will be adding some of these cards to their decks real soon...

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