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New Game Design Contest: Word Up Challenge!

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The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Word Up Challenge

Okay all you Wordle fans, it’s time to WORD UP! Here’s your chance to take word games to the next level. Let’s raise up this humble genre and push the boundaries of what a word game can be!

Not a word game fan? I get it. Traditional word games can be slow and tend to reward players with the best vocabularies and spelling skills. I challenge you to fix that! Maybe you can creates the word game Holy Grail – friendly and fun for people who don’t usually like word games while still being a treat for word game fans!

Word games don’t just have to be about stringing together letters for points. How about forming words phonetically, decoding words, or even making up new ones? How about combining words, or finding them in unusual ways? How about a game that uses sign language, morse code, or even semaphore ( You could even mash up words with your own favorite game mechanisms!

As a lifelong lover and designer of word games, I still enjoy the classics, but I also love quirky new designs. Let’s take advantage of all the great stuff The Game Crafter (TGC) has to offer. What could you do with custom acrylic shapes or clear cards? How about custom score pads or printed dice? How about dry erase? How about a game in a coil bound or perfect bound book? I really want to see how your creativity can take word games to new heights!

The contest will be judged by me, Brian LaPorte of Balaporte Design. I created Letter Better for the TGC Staff Roll and Write Challenge, which has just been published for Android by Unboxed Games, LLC and is coming soon to iOS and PC!

Full details about the contest are available at

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