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The ProtoATL Board Game Design Contest - Now Open For Voting!

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The Game Crafter
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Voting is now open for the ProtoATL board game design contest at The Game Crafter. There were 88 games submitted for this contest! Congrats to all of the designers who created a brand new game from scratch before the deadline. :) That in itself is a big accomplishment and something to be proud of.

Check out all of our board game design contests at

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Community-driven voting

Just wanted to add that VOTING for TGC contests is done through a peer-oriented/community-driven voting process. For each game you vote it costs you 10 Crafter Points. You earn Crafter Points by "buying" parts, blank products, accessories, in addition to ANY game you purchase (from the games available on the TGC website) including prototypes or your own games too.

I believe it comes out to $0.10 a vote. Which means for every $0.10 you SPEND on The Game Crater, you earn 10 Crafter Points which in turn allow you to VOTE in TGC contests!

If you don't have any Crafter Points and you want to partake in the voting of this or any other contest, Crafter Points can be purchased TOO! For $1.99 USD you can get 5,970 Crafter Points (As of the date of this post 2 June 2020)... So if you ONLY want some "Crafter Points" to be able to VOTE along with the rest of the TGC Community... All you need to do is invest a couple dollars and ... Voila you can be a part of the voting process!!!

Buying "Crafter Points" DIRECTLY yields a higher amount of points than earning them from purchases. The conversion is a bit higher if you ONLY buy some "Crafter Points"!

So if anyone is interested in the community-driven voting process... Rest assured that everyone can partake... It's as simple as spending a couple dollars and you're in the skin of it!


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