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Protospiel Minnesota starts THIS FRIDAY!

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The Game Crafter
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Protospiel Minnesota starts THIS FRIDAY! If you haven't gotten a badge yet, there are still some left. You'll be able to purchase them through the end of the convention, but please note that cash cannot be accepted at the door this year.

The Game Crafter is sponsoring the event and providing an assortment of blank components and game pieces for designers. Our CEO, JT Smith, will also be on site playtesting games and collecting/giving feedback.

Reminder: proof of vaccination must be shown at check in or you will not be allowed in. There will be no exceptions. All attendees must also wear a mask at the convention. Details at

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Wow... I would have loved to participate in such an event

But I'm up North in Montreal, Quebec... And there are no Protospiel's nearby. The closest that I ever came to one was attending the HammerCon in Hamilton, Ontario... We were demo-ing "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)" to children aged 9+... This was a Saturday and Sunday... I believe the Protospiel was held the night before on the Friday Night. That's when they had a different format in that the protospiels were not an entire weekend but usually the night prior to a con.

I do have a prototype that merits some attention.

But I guess we'll have to wait and see how things evolve on my own... Before I can introduce "Monster Keep" (MK) to the BGDF community.

Cheers and hope you guys have a smashing event!

Note #1: Just looked at the first page of games... Sounds like it's going to be really interesting. Albeit I don't know the LEVEL of "completion" of each game... We know they have to be working "prototypes" ... So that should be sufficiently interesting for all the playtesters.

Again hoping that you guys all have a great event!

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