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SURVIVAL: ThunderGryph first Game Design Contest

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Found a contest - and tried to search it in here, but not found!

I'm not going to copy/paste the all details here, check the link.

"Making games has always been very rewarding, seeing someone having a good time is just priceless. ThunderGryph’s objective is to bring games that will make people interact and share a great moment of fun together. Starting with Overseers, ThunderGryph wants to bring polished and well-tested games to deliver an engaging but streamlined game experience built to last with the highest quality components available while delivering some breathtaking artwork in the process.

Our plan for 2017 is to release 4 different original games that we are working on, but we feel that there are many incredible ideas out there, and as a new publisher we want to give opportunities to new and passionate game designers to work in this amazing industry.

Starting with this one, we will organize yearly game design contests to award the most creative and original design using the setup and criteria we selected for each year contest."

5. Deadlines

Contest announcement: November 3rd 2016
Submission period: November 3rd 2016 to 30th April 2017
Evaluation: May 1st to 30th June 2017 where finalists will be announced (finalist will be asked to send the final prototype for review)
Final Testing: 20th July to 20th August 2017
Announcement of winners: 21st August 2017

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