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Yet another card game

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Joined: 06/15/2017

Hi guys I could use some feedback on a card game I'm making

It's a mix between hearthstone Carcassonne and magic the gathering

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I usually lose interest as

I usually lose interest as soon as Hearthstone or MTG is mentioned.

People who like TCGs are likely playing one already. Or stopped playing one and moved on to something else.
You won't be able to compete if you go for the same niche. TCGs require constant influx of new content to remain interesting. And influx of new content requires constant extensive testing by a dedicated team working on it full time.

If you are absolutely adamant at making an MTG clone it would be a good idea to not describe it as a "a mix between hearthstone Carcassonne and magic the gathering". Instead, describe how it's _not_ like any other game.

I know this might sound harsh, but that's the best feedback I can give you.

Joined: 06/15/2017
This is like the best

This is like the best feedback i have gotten so far. Be original - dont make clones

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Rulebook, etc.

Things seem very bare-bones to me at the moment.

Have you playtested any of this at all? How have your playtests been? What sort of feedback have you had from others - if any - who have seen this on the table? Failing that, have you done any solo testing yet? What works really well?

Generally speaking, I would caution you against adding any more moving parts to the game before some significant testing is done. I gather that you're asking the player to manage their hand of cards, their mana/energy and HP, followed by a map made up of tiles with their units scattered all across it. This is a lot for the typical player to manage all at once, in my opinion.

This seems like an ambitious project! Best of success with it, Sprutnums. :)

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