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Zombie City-- needs playtesting and critique

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Hi guys

So I used to go to this website all the time. I've since stopped coming and kind of taken a break from board game design, but the other day I was looking through my desk and I found the rules to this game I had invented. I was like, "Wow! This is really good!" So I decided to put it on this website.

Any playtesting or critique would be very welcome. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out ways of simplifying the rules. They're fairly simple now, but I'm trying to get it to family board game level.

It's basically a zombie survival board game, with a twist: Winning is not mutually exclusive to one person. Whoever is still alive at the end of the night wins. Everybody could win, some people could win, or nobody could win. There's still lots of player interaction, though. I'm trying to figure out if this basic premise works or not. Am I onto something really new, or is there a reason this kind of thing hasn't been done before? Or has it? Are there any games that have already utilized this?

I've attached the rules as a pdf. Here are the other files:

The 2-part board:

The civilian tokens:

The threat tokens:

Please critique!

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