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Gladiators fund raising campaign

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A Gladiator aknowledges his fans

Hey all!

For those of you who haven't heard, a business partner and I have been working on a board game, Gladiators, for the past year. We've 'finalized' the game play (although a few tweaks remain) and we're currently having the art done by MJS, a company in the states that specializes in board game art. To help pay for the art and our first print run, we've started a fund-raising campaign on IndieGoGo, a crowd-sourced fundraising site:

IndieGoGo Gladiators campaign

Check out the link. If you aren't interested in contributing, tell your friends, tell your family, tell anyone you think might be interested. In fact, do that anyway!

The art should be done sometime in December, and the game should be ready to go into stores sometime in January. I'll be posting blogs on the IndieGoGo site, so keep an eye on it if you're interested in our progress.

For Rome! For Glory! For a little bit of cash!

See you in the Arena!

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