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Prototype and Play Online with GameGenesis

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Hi all,

I'm not a regular here, but I wanted to share with you an idea I have for a product called GameGenesis.

GameGenesis is a tool for designing, prototyping, and playing card and board games. You'll be able to design your own cards (standard English cards or special cards that have questions, graphics, or gameplay aspects), boards, and pieces. It'll be possible to actually code up rules by either copying one of the sample games and tweaking it, using the simple drag-and-drop code editor (there will be text and video tutorials), or even by writing straight code (if you're a programmer).

You can then test this game out with friends to evaluate new rules and collect feedback. You can also just straight up play the games and other people's games, though game building will always be the primary focus of GameGenesis.

After that? It'd be up to you, whether you want to have it made into a physical product or just leave it as an online game. I'm considering the possibility of partnering with different publishers to make it easier to export into meatspace.
I'm working on my own here so I'll be doing development in phases. The first thing I want to support is games played with a standard English deck, like Blackjack or Poker. Next on the list would be games with specialized cards, like Cards Against Humanity. Finally, and biggest of all, would be actual board games (Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, etc).
If this sounds like something that would excite you, head on over to the landing page I have set up at and subscribe in the right sidebar to be notified when the product launches. It'd also be awesome if you could share a link with friends that you think would be interested. Lastly, if you have feedback for me about the overall idea or the landing page, you can reply to this thread or contact me privately at

Thanks for reading!

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Vassal Engine

Check out your competition at:

They also *advertised* with a post on this forum.

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Interesting. Thanks for the

Interesting. Thanks for the link. It looks a bit complicated...I'm hoping to come up with something that's easy, or at least only as complicated as the game you're making. I'll give Vassal Engine a spin.

I attempted to get permission first but didn't get a response, and then I posted (three days later) in what I thought was the most appropriate area, so, I hope that's cool with people.

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Welcome, GameGenesis. Don't

Welcome, GameGenesis.

Don't worry, there's definitely nothing wrong with "advertising" your game prototyping software on a website that caters to game designers. What better place to do so, after all?

I have compiled what I hope is a comprehensive list of all the virtual tabletop software for playing boardgames, card games, wargames, and dice games, and I just added your website to the list. Hope it sends some traffic your way.

ALL of the programs on that list, are of course, your competition. Not just Vassal.

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