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In order to handle proper FORMAT of "Game Reviews" here on, the following lists the guidelines for HOW to post a "Game Review" in this forum.

First ... The title of a "Review" must be preceded with "[Review]:" followed by the name of the game.

Example: "[Review]: Terraforming Mars, Part 1."

Next in the body the follow the rules to posting (a post may be moderated).

1. Date Played
2. Game Name (same as title)
3. Designer Name (of the game)
4. Publisher (of your Edition)

5. Time of Play
6. Number of Players
7. Player Ages from Youngest to Oldest

8. The review itself about how much or how little FUN you had playing

Talk about some of the more tense moments, the laughs, the thrills (especially when relying on dice), etc. And remember focus on the Designer Point-Of-View (POV).

And lastly...

9. Your overall Appreciation for the game: "x" out of 10
10. Final thoughts about the game (something to know or memorable)

All Review threads will be "unlocked" and members may post comments, ask questions, provide additional thoughts and feedback. Again we reserve the right to moderate any comment or even thread in the event of unappropriated conduct/comments. Please stay courteous, even if your opinion varies. We encourage discussions and difference. Peace.

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