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Fixed the SIZE of the "Attached Images" LIST to 100%

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It was bugging me that you could not SCROLL through the Attached Images because somehow the DISPLAY was going into the list of current forum topics. The SELECT had a CLASS ... But it was UNDEFINED in the CSS. I added a "width: 100%" to ensure that it work both on desktops and mobile versions of the website.

But I had to BLOW the CACHE ... And force the CACHED CSS Pages to refresh...

Once I did that... Everything seems to be GOOD: the SELECT is now 100% and allows you to use the SCROLL BUTTON on the RHS without any difficulties.

For those who use attached images ... That should GREATLY HELP in finding the right filename (or Image Filename to be precise).

You don't have to scroll down for ages... You can use the BUTTON on the RHS!

Cheers and Enjoy!

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Thank you

I don't attach images often, but when I do this was a major pain point.

Really appreciate it!

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