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What Kickstarter campaign have you backed?

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Santorini - Its amazing what

Santorini - Its amazing what a pretty design and theme do for an abstract game.

5-Minute Dungeon - A recent successful campaign

Bears vs Babies - Isn't being famous for your comics also nice for your boardgames or what?

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Wow, some people have backed

Wow, some people have backed an insane number of games on KS! That's awesome! My list is still modest, but growing.

I've backed:
-Robotech RPG Tactics
-Kingdom Death: Monster
-Venom Assault
-System Shock
-Boss Monster
-Joking Hazard

Also, the Robotech and Kingdom Death pledges were insanely expensive. Robotech though is still far from delivery and the pieces that were delivered are not great in terms of quality.

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Just giving a "small" (and modest - LOL) SHOUT-OUT!

Bahoochie Kickstarter

Edit: George Mackay is the designer (aka eejits)

Edit #2: My game is Tradewars - Homeworld: BGG Page

Joined: 01/17/2016
That looks neat! Are you the

That looks neat! Are you the author Questccg?

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Thanks for the shout and the

Thanks for the shout and the link back. Appreciate that.

Yes I am the illustrator and designer. it's all my own work.

George Mackay (not marcus.....not sure who he is! Haha!!)

The Odd Fox
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My KS backing addiction

I like that this thread has been going. I'm a Kickstarter junky and may be developing a problem.

Dark is the Night

Currently on Kickstarter. Very cool 2 player game with one of the players as a hidden player. Simple and awesome! Mr Cuddington does the art (artist of Santornini).

Vast: The Crystal Caverns

Most asymmetrical game I've ever seen. Cool art, interesting and unique gameplay. You can even play as the Cave! I wanted to support someone with such a unique take on the same old knight, goblin, dragon trope.

Word Domination

Jeff, the designer, married my cousin and I wanted to support his campaign. This game would have been well worth it even without the connection though. Art by Ryan Goldsberry (animator of Laura Croft in for all Tomb Raider games) and has also done the art for all of Tim Fowers games (ie: Burgle Bros, Fugitive, Paperback etc). Word Domination was also the winner of the Northwest LUCI Award in 2016.


Trick taking game that I mainly invested in as a Christmas present for my 10 year old daughter. Well worth it! Favorite trick taking game ever at this point!

Tag Team

Sort of wish I hadn't backed this one. Button Shy has not been very responsive and is late on delivery, after promising to send the game multiple times. I was interested in wallet games since I'm designing some smaller scale card games and wanted to give some of these a try. I added on Avignon and I'm still looking forward to playing that... if it ever shows up.


Designed by Tim Fowers (mentioned above). Really cool 2 player asymmetrical game. Can't wait to play! Added on Burgle Bros which is one of my most anticipated games to try out this year!


Pirate themed Cuttle. Simple and fun. Really like the game!


By far my favorite game! So glad I backed this game (I was on the fence for a while). Simple enough to play with my kids, but adds a high level of strategic game play and replayability. Art is fantastic, components are top notch and the game itself will last as a favorite of mine forever!

Watchmen of Destiny

Unique gameplay with really great art. Would like to play it more, but has been overshadowed by some of the titles I've already listed.

No Mercy

Variation of War. One of my sons (7 yr old) has this as his favorite game to play with me. Totally his speed with really fun art.

Dead Man's Draw: Captain's Carcass

Remake of original with better art and new theme. Really enjoy this! Solid game!

Dungeon Busters

Another family favorite. Originally a Korean game.

Willem Verheij
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Mythic Battles: Phanteon

I'm backing Mythic Battles Phanteon. Pledge manager starts on monday and they allow for late backing. Without the stretch goals I believe, but you can get all expansions still.

First ever board game I pledged money to, it was just too good of a deal to pass up.

I like greek mythology, I like detailed miniatures, I like having two ways to play a game thats on the pricy side. And the gameplay seems like a lot of fun.

I really like how they translated the abilities and talents of heroes, monsters, gods, titans and troops of greek mythology to the game.

It's also pretty crazy how many stretch goals where met. It's 140 or so miniatures for a pledge of 99. Including some big ones. And there's more to the game than just miniatures of course.

Also plenty of expansion packs available, but I only plan to get a few of them. Get's too expensive otherwise and I probably wouldnt use it all anyways so I stick with the ones that give best value for their content.

Regarding why I trust it? Well many backers who backed many projects said they where pretty impressed with the support ant interaction coming from the team here. They are also adressing all the problems they had with their previous game on kickstarter, conan, which has mostly been delivered to the backers by now.

I expect the game will likely not be in front of me in December, will probably be Januari next year but we'll see.

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I looked into that game too

I looked into that game too and was so very tempted to pledge, but I forced myself not to because I just don't have the time to commit to it. I am still trying to build Robotech RPG tactics and Kingdom Death: Monster and I had to be honest with myself and curb my enthusiasm.

That being said, the game looks gorgeous and part of me is envious. Good for you for backing it! I'd love to hear your thoughts on gameplay once it arrives.

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To many now

I had avoided Kickstarter until last year & now I'm a super backer :(

Herbaceous & gem packed cards arrived today, quests of Valeria came last week, pentaquark the week before (& quite a few other buttonshy games. Shipping to Australia makes those smaller games a better deal than the bigger ones). I'm waiting for UnFair to arrive & have just backed Reign by another Aussie designer (garage games. Full disclosure, he's a friend I met at a convention last year & we try to catch up at designer get together etc).

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I've always been shy of

I've always been shy of backing projects on KS. I have only backed one to date.

- Fields of Green

I just received it a few weeks ago and was less than pleased with the quality of the game.

The outside of the box was fine, but the inside was all ripped up. The cards came shrink wrapped all jumbled together and disorganized. I even received cards for a different game that had nothing to do with fields of green.

I'm still put off by and have yet to take it off the shelf, organize all the pieces and play it. I don't know if I will to be honest.
All in all not the greatest first experience.

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Did you contact the producer?

A lot of errors can occur at the manufacturing end. The producers/designers/publishers need he feedback so they can take action to improve the process & hopefully rectify your issues.

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My experience backing KS (game accessories, never a complete game) has been mixed. Haven't backed one for quite a while. Expererinces described here:

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What about these AWESOME dice Trays???

What does everyone think about these "interesting" dice trays???

The Dragon Tray

I LOVE that Viking Shield with the Axes... Plus you can hang it on your game wall... The things people come up with!

While I really like them, I'm not certain I want to drop over $100 USD on a dice tray...

But they really are NEAT! Too bad they don't have anything Sci-Fi (oh well!)

Update: Well that Viking Shield costs $244 USD (as pictured in the samples)

No wonder it looks REAL NICE!!! As they say: "You get what you pay for..."

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Backed KS Projects

I'll admit, I'm heavily influenced by Chad Hoverter. He is a great sculptor we are working with on our own project up on KS right now (Can't express how sincerely excited I am to be working with him). He is the sculptor for a few of those I backed below as well. It's not a board game, but a Miniatures Upgrade Kit, perfect for Pandemic.

Backed recently

Heroes of Land, Air & Sea (I happened to win the BGG content, but was already a backer. So, now I've increased my funds to get everything painted and with the expansions...rather than pull my support after winning) Chad is the sculptor.

VAST - Another great looking game, and with miniatures sculpted by Chad to boot.

Necroboomicon -

The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire -

Phoenix Covenant -
Super cool guys I met at the first Firaxicon, when I was working on XCOM and Civilization! Those were the good old days.

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My first Kickstarter (and one

My first Kickstarter (and one of my earliest hobby board games) was Myth.

I've also backed:
-Villages by Fridgecrises Games
-Exploding Kittens
-Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games
-Pixel Tactics Deluxe by Level 99 Games
-Melee by Indie Board and Games
-Fire of Eidolon by Magic Meeple

If I had to pick one that surprised me the most, it would have to be Pixel Tactics. If you like two-player card games, I am truly impressed by the tactics, strategy, and depth of this game. Super fun!

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Star Portal - Sci-Fi enough for me...

questccg wrote:
Too bad they don't have anything Sci-Fi (oh well!)

Update to this is the "Star Portal"... In Flame Birch with a Sapphire finish.

Kickstarter link is: The Dragon Tray

It's reasonably "expensive" purchase at $179.00 USD. Here's my version:

  • Blue Demon Hide lining (+$15.00)
  • Black Ice Dice (Free)
  • Flame Birch with Sapphire finish ($139.00)
  • Shipping to Canada (+$25.00)

Totaling up to $179.00 USD. I know it's expensive - but that "Star Portal" is a Kickstarter exclusive... I really wanted to get me one of these - but there was nothing "Sci-Fi-ish" ... that is until NOW!!!

I figure it would make a cool CENTER PIECE since it is perfectly ROUND too! Would make my demos of the game that much more interesting too!

Cheers... Maybe you also might want one of these babies too... LOL!

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I backed for the first time

I backed for the first time this year:

Sub Terra
Tortuga 1667
Defense grid
Dinosaur island
The White Box
The Lady and the Tiger
Rising sun

And considering backing Barbarians: the Invasion. I think it's fair to say I got a little carried away :)

Glass shoe games
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Exploding Kittens - We all

Exploding Kittens - We all know this story.

Garbage Day - I love love this game. It's one of my all time favorite dexterity games.

Wok on Fire - Also a Awesome dexterity game.

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My backed games

By Order of the Queen
One Night Ultimate Alien
Catacombs and Castles

Almost backed Rising Sun, but the gameplay just wasn't there for me. No reviews, and the gameplay video felt like they were acting. Might grab it in retail later depending.

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