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BGDF microbadge on Boardgamegeek

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Joined: 12/26/2009

Attention all BGDF members!

Got 8 Geekgold lying around? Want to show that you're a BGDF champion?

Get the BGDF microbadge and fly your colours!

If this wasn't BGDF related, it sure would read like some spammy spam spam

The Professor
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Joined: 10/25/2014

Thanks, Rick! It's a great way to show support.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Good idea

I bought this for my BGG profile also... Although I am not very active on BGG, I still have a designer profile there.

The folks on BGDF are *nicer*!

Say what you want, several designers will back me up, some of the BGG crowds can sometimes be ... not very positive. Some just like to stir the pot ... and cause drama.

I'm not into that.

Also that board "bans" people... So if someone disagrees with your opinion and stirs up a lot of "negative" feedback - you can get "banned" for the website. Again not from personal experience, input from other designers.

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