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Ahoy Hoy!

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Joined: 01/22/2017


I've just joined up and following the suggestion to post here seemed reasonable.

Play board games and RPG's at least twice a week and this has inevitably ended up in me wanting to make a board game.

I started attempting to do this alone but have always had self discipline issues so basically got them to the point where a prototype was necessary and then stopped.

Luckily someone from my board game group was also enthusiastic about trying to make a game and for the last 2 months or so we've been spending about 5-10 hours a week developing ideas. We're lucky that we work near each other and can both take long lunches so it's quite convenient to meet up and talk shop.

So far it seems to be going well, we're good at encouraging each other and also telling each other when something isn't working. We spent a long time on our first game and realising it was getting too complicated and deciding to stop.

We are now trying to create as simple a game as possible, just trying to hone our design process.

Discovered this site while doing some research. Spend a lot of time on BGG (currently playing in the Star Realms league for the first time (won 2 lost 4). Also check r/boardgames and r/tabletopdesign pretty religiously.

Looking forward to pitching in here. I love playing a game and really working out why each mechanic is how it is in the game so hoping I can help out others as much as I get helped out myself.

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Welcome to the BGDF!

It sounds like you have been through round one and got back up after the first knock down! So, now that you are a newly minted level 2 designer, I am glad you are already headed for level 3 and beyond!

The New Game Ideas Sections is waiting for you... the idea doesn't need to be new, just new to us. After that start up a game journal or blog about how the design is progressing.

I look forward to hearing more about your game.

"Always remember to think outside the box so your games will fit inside!"

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