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Ahoy mateys, I be making a pirate game!

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Crimson Jack
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Joined: 04/24/2013

Well, ahoy everyone, thanks for allowing me to berth in this land.

I'm a 31 years old Canadian and I like swords. (sorry, that the best I could come up with to describe myself as briefly as possible)

I'm the community manager for Edition Fantasy, a company new in the gaming design industry, and I came upon this forum in my quest for knowledge bounty to loot.

We're producing a game called Dice Seadog, who should launch around July, and I'm searching for places I could post to encourage peoples to participate in our indiegogo kickstarter funding campaign.

Since you guy's and gal's are in the same kind of market, I figured you might be able to share a few forums address or other tips for promoting this campaign. (including changes in the campaign presentation if you think it's useful), you can find it there: )

My colleague who put it up is French so the English part was not quite clear. I tried to correct it but I am only a man and errors could have easily escaped me. Perhaps you can tell me if anything seem wrong or unclear ? (since I know the rules, I may find stuff clear while it is cryptic for others)

I guess that pretty much it, hope ya the best for your respective projects. ^^

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