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Alex Lockhart

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Alex Lockhart
Joined: 08/05/2017

Hello everyone,

My name is Alex Lockhart and I am new to this forum. I am excited to have the chance to be involved in the discussions here!

About Me

I have been playing and making games for as long as I can remember. My creative energy led me to be a software engineer which is my current occupation. That being said, board game design is something that I always wanted to do as well. This has led me to this forum in addition to going further with my general desire to design board games.

Life Philosophies

Some of my philosophies in life that have applied to board game design are:

  1. Repeated failure is the road to success.
  2. Never let your love for an idea lead you over a cliff.
  3. Putting good systems in place will take you further than setting hard to reach goals.
  4. Do it the right way. If smart people have come up with smart answers to important questions, follow their advice.

My approach to board game design

These ideas have led me to take the patient approach of designing and thoroughly play testing multiple board games, pursuing the ideas that stick and letting go of the ideas that don't. As well as taking the traditional publishing route. Besides learning more in all the areas of board game design, the specific area that I am least knowledgable in is getting the foot in the door with publishers.

Finally, some of the board games that I am working on...


A quick and easy hexagonal crop placement game with a growing game board game and a unique special action drawing mechanic.


A Euchre style trick taking game with a light Napoleonic war era theme.

Strife of Empires

A longer and more in-depth game about growing an empire, without letting conflict between your leaders bringing the empire crashing down.

FYI the names are really just convenience names to make discussing the games easier. I'm not overly attached to any of the names

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