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aloha peeps
I'm Thomas
from HI, USA
I am interested in creating my own board games and your forums look like a good place with expertise on actually marketing it or something. I have created one, but am still working on it. It's easy to pick up, but I'm not sure it's sellable because the board game is so simple, although the theme is novel. But in any case, I'd rather it go viral than make only a few sells (of course, a ton of sells and viral is my favorite of them all)
so hello.

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Don't discount the value of simplicity. Universal themes and mechanics can appeal to a wider audience. The important factors are fun to play and repeat play. If overly simplistic, interest in repeat play may easily wane. Extensive playtesting is necessary to finalize all aspects of design.

Going viral is a great ambition but an unrealistic expectation. With so many independent games available, the market is highly competitive. Even for great games, most fail because they lack adequate marketing and distribution. Seeking a publisher, even a smaller one, can improve potential. Absent the backing of a publisher, utilizing The Game Crafter to self-publish is a good alternate.

Should all progress well, the game may attract the interest of a publisher. Another option would be to become a publisher, directly coordinating production and distribution. It is best to follow the logical progression instead of jumping to an ultimate conclusion. There is much to learn along the way.

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Wasn't it Einstein who said

Wasn't it Einstein who said (anyway some such over-quoted historical person of weight): “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complicated. It takes a touch of genius to move in the opposite direction.”

Point being if you have a very simple game that is still fun to play, I think you have a winner. Nothing simpler than making a game that has twice as many rules and elements as it needs.

Best of luck!

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