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Another Noob ;)

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Joined: 01/03/2012

Hey everybody! Just another noob here ;) I wanted to break the ice a bit and introduce myself. I have been designing games for about 15 years, but never to a commercial type of point. For that matter I have never really even finished designing a game. I get ideas, play around with them for a while, then move onto another idea. ADD in game design I guess. I thoroughly enjoy it though, as I am sure everyone else here does.

I am currently working on a collectable miniature fantasy wargame. It is designed for either online or tabletop gaming, and has a heavy focus on strategy and army design. It uses a lot of ideas from collectible card games (like M:tG or LotFR), but it is not a card game, just uses some ideas from them. This has actually been a work in progress since 2003. I putter at it now and then as I had time. I took a risk and cleaned my attic about a month ago and found all of the stuff I had, and I have since been typing up the rules and getting things 'finalized', and set up a site to house everything. I have hit a monotonous road block in working up the stats to 500+ minis though, lol. I am about 1/2 way through now.

I am mainly here to help get ideas, input, find help, help others, and otherwise connect with a community that is pretty much non-existent in my neck of the woods. Anyway, great to be here and hope to have fun chatting with you all!

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Welcome! I'm pretty new here

I'm pretty new here as well.
We seem to have similar objectives.
I've been working on trying to make a CCG inspired miniatures game for quite some time as well. I'd love to share and swap Ideas to improve both of our designs.
I recently posted a brief synopsis of what I currently have in the New Game Ideas forum. The thread is titled "Table Top War Game with CCG Aesthetics and Customization".

While the game is a miniatures game, I'm also incorporating cards. The miniatures represent the physical creatures summoned for battle while the cards represent your spell arsenal. I'm using the same energy resource to pay for the models' actions as well as the cost to play spells.

I've tried a few versions where your powers and abilities scale as the game progresses and even had one iteration that used cards to start out, and you'd summon creatures from the cards onto the field.

Anyway, I'm excited to read more about your work!

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I like the concept, I hope you can post more about it soon.

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Joined: 01/03/2012
Thanks for the warm

Thanks for the warm welcome!

@NomadArtisan: I had thought about the same idea at one point, but wanted a more miniature focused game, so sort of phased the cards into the minis themselves. Hard to explain without seeing it. I will check out your post though.

@JefferyB: Thanks! I am hoping to get some stuff on here. Played around with the game journal thing a bit yesterday. I will be sure to post some more info though as i make tweaks and stuff.

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