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Aspiring Game Designer here!

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Joined: 10/22/2015

Hi Everyone,

Name's Brady! I'm a college student studying in Product design and I've always had a passion for strategy, adventure, and mystery in my board/card games. Some of my favorite board games to play would be Stratego and Risk.

I joined Board Game Designer's Forum to expand my knowledge on the board game industry and hopefully meet some interesting people all while also getting help in designing games of my own!

Speaking of which, I'm currently working on a strategy card game with a superb blend of chance and tactical thinking while maintaining an sophisticated yet simple element of game mechanics allowing fluid game movement.

The game is called Strategic Divide; a rapid turn-based, dueling card game. I will be creating a post providing further details on the game; I am also looking for game reviewers to take a look at what i have so far!

Joined: 11/19/2013

Welcome to the forum.

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