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A banana walks into a bar..

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Blue Banana
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So I've been a gamer for as long as I can remember, grew up with computers and I've made it my profession too. Was never really a big boardgamer, mostly because of a shortage of people to play it with but also because the game chest rarely filled up with anything new. Still, I do love 'classic gaming' - PnP RPGs, Card Games, Wargaming probably, and that's why board gaming has always appealed to me through all the advantages of PC gaming.

As of late, I've been getting a few random ideas for boardgames. One, which is an incredible mix of wargaming, boardgaming and card game elements, is going through some rulebook writing at the moment. It's a huge game with lots of things going on. I actually finished most of the design (here's hoping I didn't miss anything) when I discovered this forum. But I'll be sure to try it out on the forum if the need arises.

The other game idea I've recently thought up is a Gold Mining boardgame. I've already made a thread for it the Mechanics sub-forum. It'd be awesome if I can get some help on the issues I'm having with it.

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