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Corey Young - Game Designer - I like the sound of that...

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Corey Young
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Joined: 03/23/2012

I'm very glad to be here!

Quick bio stuff:
Born in 1965 (this beats entering my age and watching this post go out of date)
Living in Dayton, OH, USA
Day job: IT Project Manager / Portfolio Manager for hire
Married since 1989 to a wonderful, patient wife
I have 4 great kids, 2 boys and 2 girls

Game-related stuff:
I've been designing board games since 1998.
Three of my games are scheduled to be published in 2013/14 by companies you've heard of.
Here is a brief interview I did last year.

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Joined: 12/09/2008
Mirror, Mirror...

Welcome aboard Corey! Really enjoyed your interview!

They say everyone has a twin. Well, I don't know if we look alike, but we have similar interests beyond games. I'm an Architect-turned-IT Professional-40something-daycareexpert- thingy... uh - got a wife & kids ... live in the US (Memphis)...

... but no published games - not even close!

Congrats on your scheduled releases! We all, here @ BGDF, are very excited about the complimentary games you will be sending our way! right guys? ... a very nice gesture. Kidding aside, glad to have you. We're here to help, bash, redesign, rewrite, insult, kick, stomp, scream, choke and bleed on games (even your's ;) jk

Joined: 02/20/2012

Hey Corey. Congratulations on your upcoming releases! Both of the games you mention in your interview sound right up my alley. Look forward to playing them someday.

Also, I second your recommendation for Protospiel. Last year's event was my first time as well, and it was a fantastic experience. Met lots of great people, and the feedback from fellow designers is really solid. (BTW--your name sounds familiar to me--I wonder if we met there?)

Speaking of, I know it's a bit of a drive, but if you're ever in need of play testers or feedback, we've got a game design group in Columbus that's part of CABS (the Columbus Area Boardgamers Society). We have a couple guys from the Dayton area who join us about once a month. You should come check us out some time!

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