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Excuse me .. Is my tribe in here?

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Kyle Forrest
Joined: 05/17/2019

I am an addict ... i can admit to that. If the wife (and my fellow gamer spouses) would allow me to i would probably play boardgames every night of the week.

Oh, by the way.. Name is Kyle. I hail from the moderately north-ish reaches of western Canada.

Umm.. where was I. Oh right, gaming everyday. Due to a oversight on my parents part, i am alas not independently wealthy and i still have to make a living as a teacher. In my spare time though (and perhaps some times when i should be focusing on other things) i play boardgames. I will play most anything. Some of my favorites are Xia, Pillars of the Earth, Caverna, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Great Western Trail, Lords of Vegas, Netrunner the CCG (the original, not the Android one... and yes i realize it is a CCG, not an actual boardgame) .. and my all time favorite, Robinson Crusoe.

I have a tendancy towards epic style games (i SOOO want Twilight Imperium, but that wife wont let me have it out of fear i will take it down to the basement to play ... never to be seen or heard from again)

But as i was saying earlier, because i am not allowed to play all the time, i spend most of the rest of my time designing games. Well... hopefully at least. I have several ideas started which i hope to post about elsewhere). Having not yet designed to the point of marketability, i do struggle with certain areas of game design .. which is why i have poked my head in here... to see if the fine folks here can help me see some of these designs into existence.

Joined: 06/09/2017
hi. welcome to the forum,

welcome to the forum, show us what you got and we'll tell you what we think.

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Joined: 02/06/2018
Our home and native land

Hello, good to have another Canadian here!
I'm a high school student in Calgary, Alberta. I, too, enjoy board game design, despite the limited time I receive due to the heavy work load my core subjects dish me.
Have you tried such games as Through the Ages and Star Wars: Rebellion?
These are pretty piece heavy games, and require deep strategy and hours of time. Civilization: the Board Game is also a pretty good game, albeit difficult to teach.
Do you enjoy "heavy" games such as these? I've never played Twilight Imperium, but I've heard that it's very good.

Kyle Forrest
Joined: 05/17/2019
Hey Bottercot, Always nice

Hey Bottercot,

Always nice to meet a fellow Canuck.

I have played Through the Ages on the App. I did enjoy it, but i found it pretty repetative after a while.. haven't yet had a try at Star Wars: Rebelliion though i do want to .... just too many games and not enough money to buy them all kinda problem.

I do wish i lived down your way ... my daughter is in Calgary and she's taken me to the Hexagon Cafe (which was awesome), but alas Fort Mac has no such place.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Hello from another Canuck...

I'm still upset that someone stole my "Alpha Flight #1 Mint-Condition" (in a sealed cover too). I'm based out of Montreal... I've been working the Comic Cons and other such large events to promote my game "TradeWorlds":

Of course the down-side is that living in Montreal means that the French community dictates all the language rules. I do speak French and I have worked in French environments for over 20 years... We do have a couple Game Cafes too... But I normally don't go, because I don't have a large game crowd (any longer).

I usually go to "Game Nights" at a FLGS in my area... Which can be FUN too. I prefer the crowd there... They all really LOVE "board games" much like you expressed.

We also have one of the English Universities in Montreal (Concordia) which usually hosts a game "afternoon" every 1st Saturday of the month. Never been, just been told by others gamers and designers too!

Welcome to BGDF and if you have any issues please let me know... as I am the one of the Forum's Admins/Moderators.


Aka QuestCCG
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