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Fuucha, say Hello

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Joined: 02/29/2016

I live in Salatiga, a very small town in Indonesia.
Believe it or not, the only board or card game i can purchase in my city is Snake and Ladder, Monopoly and Poker Card.

So, i try to buy some of it online, but the delivery cost was so high (i just an high schooler that day, i cant afford it), the only game i can afford was some standard yu-gi-oh deck.

the problem of my game needs is solved after i found a Print and Play game. i download a lot, and i play a lot.

a few years after i stop download and play (because of my job) i decide to made some Print and Play game.

and i would like to post it here. i wish its not bad enough to shared it to everyone.

A Round Tuit
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Hello and welcome!

I can't imagine not having access to games nowadays, but as a kid I had a similar selection. Monopoly, chess, checkers, poker cards, etc. Whatever my parents happened to have.

I'm new here myself, but from what I've seen so far you've come to the right place if you want to share and develop your own game ideas.

Joined: 02/29/2016
Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the reply

I've already made it, a board+card game and a card game.
the only problem is making an easy-to-understand Rule.

i wish i was better at writting.

and it was really hard to buy a game (board and card game, especialy) when i was teenage.

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