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I came to BGDF in hopes I'll learn something about design process. I had been playing board games for a while and I suddenly said "I wanna make a board game." But that's as far as I got because I ran into a creativity road block. I wanted to make something but I didn't have any ideas about it. The only thing I have at the moment is, I want to make something that's not already been done a million times.

I use a program called Tabletop Simulator, and if/when I get any sort of idea, I will probably build it using this program. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can see about it here:

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Welcome to BGDF! We've all

Welcome to BGDF! We've all been there before! The golden rule is: playtest as soon as possible!


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Welcome to the Forums!

You can find a great read about the Design process here:
I've been on step 3 for 2 years now, heh

If you have some great experience with board games I would think you know whats already out there so at least you know what NOT to do; or perhaps you like something from one of the board games you played and want put your own twist on its mechanics or rules o_O. I think this is how most games are made though...

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Hi there.

I am new here as well, and I am new to game design like you. I think nearly every theme has been done, and it is certainly an achievement if you invent a completely original mechanic. My suggestion for you would be to pick a theme you really enjoy, and if it has been done, ask yourself if the game "captures" the theme the way you would like. If not, then you can make a game that does the theme in a way you want to see. When you want to develop mechanics, you can look at mechanics that you enjoy in games, and then try to think of an original way to implement them or combine them.

These are the thoughts of a complete amateur, so take this all with a grain of salt. Tabletop Simulator looks really cool. I might try to catch it on sale on Steam.

Welcome! I would love to discuss with you our experiences as first time game designers.


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Welcome! I too recently joined BDGF to get help with designing a board game of my own! Once you come up with one, I'll be glad to playtest it as well as offer some creative advice if you'd like as I'm a product design student with a focus in games and toys!

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