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Hello everyone!

Frank here in New York, and I have been interested in design for quite a while. I arrive with about three ideas for games, but looking to help out others as well as soak in the advice for my own projects.

The first idea is a fantasy-themed board game that I had sent to a toy agent years and years ago, getting some useful feedback, but it was a slow and expensive process that ultimately ended up not being successful. Might pick this back up again since the market has moved a lot since then, and a place like BGDF offers a much better feedback loop.

The second idea is a sci-fi-themed board game that would be more strategic, but promises to pose challenges with the movement rules, physical components, or both. It's set in the vicinity of a black hole, and I'd like to capture the oddness of that environment.

The third idea is actually a chess variant which probably has negligible commercial value, but I see it as good practice.

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cool ideas i like the black

cool ideas
i like the black hole for a board
i think that may have the most conceptual promise

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Welcome to the forum Frank.
You've come to the right place for such game advice.

Interesting game ideas.

Hope to hear more to help you get where you need to go with your game projects.


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