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Joined: 09/07/2012

Hi, and greetings from a new, proud member of BGDF!

I have a long history playing computer and console games. However, I have "discovered" board games rather recently, as we (me and my fiancee) began playing different games in more regular basis approximately two years ago. During the couple past months I have been toying with this game idea and design, that has been through a few iterations already. In the beginning I just thought it would be fun to create your own game. After a while I realised it's actually going to take huge amount of time. And even later I came to a conclusion that you can actually enjoy that time too, not just the finished game. Thereby, I'm currently some kind of designer hobbyist.

I enjoy talking and reading about different game mechanics and ideas, but I may lack the discipline needed for execution (i.e. the actual design and prototyping). So, from BGDF I'm looking at least interesting exchange of ideas.


Joined: 05/27/2012

Welcome to the forum.


Another some kind of design hobbyist.

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