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Joined: 02/02/2012

Hi all, glad to have found a forum for like minded people. I am looking
forward to reading about other people's ideas and projects and maybe getting some advice on my own projects.

I have been designing toys, games and various other items for many years now, mainly for my own amusement. However, I have now decided to start putting some of these projects on a simple website rather than leave them to gather dust in a corner. If anyone is interested, my site can be found at


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Joined: 07/26/2008
Causeway has some

Causeway has some similarities, primarily that there is a third dimension, to a game I did years ago as part an exploration of connection games.

Joined: 02/02/2012
Hi Dralius. Interesting to

Hi Dralius.
Interesting to hear that you were playing with a similar idea. The causeway idea actually came from the steps idea, I had all the blocks made and was thinking of other ideas that could use the same blocks.
I'm sure that some of my projects are not unique but that was never really the idea, I just enjoyed playing with such ideas.
It's nice to hear from people like yourself who have had similar ideas as they may have looked at aspects of the design I had never considered. If I can help anyone else with my experiences with a project then that's a bonus.

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cool projects

hi koolkat, some nice projects on your site...
-- demarcus

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