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Joined: 06/15/2014


I've joined up to get some tips on balancing and prototyping a few games that I've been working on on-and-off over the last couple of years. A potential pool of playtesters would be nice if things move a bit further along.

The two projects that I'm working on are:

Whispering Lightly- A storytelling card game in the tradition of MR James, where players seek to resolve a haunting while snaring the protagonists of their opponents.

Blasphemy of Dracula- A pseudo-historical miniatures wargame pitting the undead hordes of Vlad Tepes against the Holy Roman and Ottoman Empires.

I studied writing at university and I fall very much into the "narrativist" camp. I'd sooner tell a story than run a simulation or competition, although I appreciate other people do go for that.

As I get things together, I'll post them up. It may be slow going.

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