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My name is Patrick Kenealy. I've been designing games for awhile now and stalking this forum as well. I've got a concept now that I think is worth pursuing and I'm trying to find more people to help me get through the playtesting phase and iron out the kinks in the mechanics. I have an artist lined up and ready to go but I'm struggling to get some alpha testers together on a regular basis. The game is called Monsters Under My Bed. I'm a bit protective of my ideas so I won't say much else about it at this moment, but there will be many questions.

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Playtest Group

Hi Crazedferret,

Sounds like you are off to a good start!

Are you looking for people that live close to you or are you willing to work with groups that are distant?

How many people would need to be in the play test group?

Are you testing a "finished" design or you need design input?

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Hiya crazedferret! Check this

Hiya crazedferret!

Check this thread out:

And scroll down to "what does this mean"

long and the short of it: By releasing your ideas to the public and continually working on them in the public domain, you actually gain MORE defence if someone was to "steal" your ideas as opposed to less.

Would love to hear more :)


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I'm still tweaking the rules

I'm still tweaking the rules of the game to get it into a "finished" state. I have roughly 200 cards for the game of which, I am adding and deleting some. I've played it through once with 5 players and there were some obvious flow issues which I'm sorting out but it otherwise worked well. Once I get it a little bit more finished, as in further past the alpha testing, I will be posting more and looking for beta testers. I'd certainly be more willing to send it off at that point as it would put a better foot forward so to speak. The game is currently for 3-5 players with intentions of adding expansions that will enable the addition of more players.

So to answer your questions, I'd prefer people closer for alpha testing so I can physically play the game with them and gauge the flow of the game properly. I'd gladly work with distant groups once past that point.

So, I guess it's not quite finished yet, I do need design input, but more to fix the flow issues which does mean tweaking the rules just right.

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Once a game has been made

Once a game has been made public, nothing in the copyright law prevents others from developing another game based on similar principles

I did read through that the other day and that part right there is what says to me that I shouldn't post it out there until I'm more confident/set on the rules of the game which for me requires a select few alpha testers. The game rules are close to correct, but not quite correct and in order to get it there I need to do some alpha testing. Once done with that I'll gladly show it off and send it out for beta tests if there are interested parties.

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