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Hello and Hi!

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Joined: 05/31/2013

Hello everyone!

I found my way to BGDF about 30 weeks ago (at least so my user information says) but have been just a reading member and not very active at that either. Now as the new year is dawning I decided to take the bull by the horns and really start contributing to this forum as well start actively moving my own designs forward.

A man called Henrik Collin
So who I really am? I am 35 years old engineer (with kids) from Finland. I have been pretty passionate gamer most of my life but this new breed of board games really caught my attention a couple of years ago. I had been playing some board games now and then before that (and liking them), but since my wife though she might play some too I did not hesitate twice. Although my collection of games is small I luckily have a friend who is at least as passionate about board games and more time and money at his hands. So I get to play quite a lot of games. This years total is about 50 different games.

As gamer I like very different styles and enjoy most games I have played not depending on style or genre. I like card games like LCG games or MtG. I like heavy euros like Power Grid or Tzolkin. I like games that a dripping theme like Game of Thrones. Actually I would say my favourite games are Game of Thrones and Rex. Although I get to play them very rarely. The most fun I have had with any game was with Lifeboats (go figure!). I play computer games too from time to time and would just love to play RPG's again, although to really immerse myself into a campaign (which is the best part of RPG's) is just too time consuming at the moment. Maybe when I retire...

During the day I work as web programmer and designer. I also have done some sales and marketing jobs during my career. Due to this background I usually tend to make a website of my more advanced designs where I write the rules and show the prototype components. Just to make it easier for my game group to run away when I get too active on game design part of my life... =)

My game designs
A few times a year I get this drive when I get multiple ideas for games. At that point I tend to make quick notes, some quick drafts of components, first short rules etc. Then when the year goes on I move forward with some designs and leave the others to rest in piece.

What I look from this forum is ideas and feedback. I also like to read other peoples game ideas and comment them. Unfortunately I probably wont be able to do much playtesting no matter how much I would like to do so, but due to time and game group constraints at the moment I am not able to play test even my own design more than a few times a year. But if something really catches my interest and especially if it is a two player game, I may be able to arrange some playtesting too.

Where I can help others more is on tips and tricks of making a website for your game. I also love to do design work on game components (not art though, I REALLY suck at drawing) although I most likely not able to make production quality designs at the moment.

Thank you
I hope this lengthy introduction will give you some pointers who is the man behind the name. Any comments, questions or hate mails are more than welcome. Thank you for your patience. You may proceed. =)

Best Wishes,

Henrik Collin

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