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Hello BGDF

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Hello :)

I'm new to board game game development and my plan is to design a board game with a minimum of 132 parts this year. Sounds insane, well yes it is. Me and some other people was bored at the end of 2011 and each of one made our own list of things to do in 2012. We based our list on one of the multiplication tables and my list used the number twelve so on position eleven i have 'make a board game with a minimum of 132 parts' :).

We have a blog for our list of things to do in 2012 and most it is in Swedish but i write in English. You can see my list of things ( ) and you can look at the category boardgame ( ) to see my progress on the board game. I will post the basic concept for my game here when i get it done.

So in short that is why i say hello so you know who i am later on when i have questions, ask for advice or just cry for help :).

// Vim

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Good luck. I noticed in your

Good luck.

I noticed in your blog step 1 is to buy and play some board games. If you want to learn about all the different types of board games try

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Thanks :) Will look into the

Thanks :)

Will look into the site, nice that they have it sorted by mechanics and themes so i can look up the game that use the same that i thinking about.

So far i have played:

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I used

I used as a reference and created the basic info for my game that i call BG2012 ( boardgame 2012 ) until i need a better name. I listed category and mechanics section that fit the game as i think about it so far and added a short text about each one, mostly from boardgamegeek's description's. Sure a lot of mechanics :).

BG 2012

Num of Players: 1 – 4

Playing Time: 90-180 Min


  • Adventure : The storyline have fantastical elements, and involve the characters in some sort of quest.
  • Exploration : Encourage players to discover and search new areas or territories for particular objects.
  • Fighting : Players has to engage game characters in close quarter battles and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Horror : Contain themes and imagery depicting morbid and supernatural elements.
  • Miniatures : Use small scale figure representations as components in gameplay.


  • Action Point Allowance System : Each player is alloted a certain amount of points per round and these points is spent on available actions.
  • Area Movement : The game board is divided into areas that the players use to move.
  • Cooperation : Requires players to work together to beat the game.
  • Deck / Pool Building : Players start the game with a pre-determined set of cards / player pieces and add and change those pieces over the course of the game.
  • Dice Rolling : Dice are used in the game.
  • Hand Management : Reward players for playing the cards / player pieces at the right time.
  • Modular Board : Play occurs upon a modular board that is composed of multiple pieces
  • Role Playing : Players control a character that improves over time.
  • Set Collection : Players attempt to collect a set of items.
  • Tile Placement : Game are is expanded by placing tiles.
  • Trading : The players can exchange game items between each other.
  • Variable Player Powers : Player have different abilities

Apocalyptic survival

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Heya Vim! Welcome to BGDF

Heya Vim!

Welcome to BGDF first of all! I love your challenge that you have set yourself with the right number of "bits" - very cool.

Also, it's a good job that you have joined up here at bgdf (and I assume bgg) to get advice - we will happily help you :)

Your list of boardgames sso far are very "full on" boardgames. Very confusing to those who are new in the hobby and some would argue that these are some of the more "heavy" games.

If you want to copy (or at least: borrow from) some of the games in your list, your game is going to (listen to this because it's true) going to get bigger and bigger, you will ply more and more rules into it, there will be more and more unnecassary stuff jammed in it and you will be unwilling to take it out when it gets to big.

Happens all the time. WoW, dragonquest, and mageknight (i havet played the last) - they are all heavy dungeon crawl games and listed in the "heavy catagory" of each of their respective areas.

What I would advise you at this level, is try out some other non-dungeon crawl games like "Carcasonne" or "Settlers of catan" or even something like "Dominion" - these games at their core are very simple but some argue make better boardgames than the others you listed.

So first : that. Keep a watch out man. A strict stern watch for runaway games rules bloating everything up.

Second: Remember the goal of a good game is NOT to list as many catagories in it as you can. The goal of a good game is to be fun. If you stick rigidly to your list of mechanics your game will look something like this:

Miniatures in a Dungeon Board.
Each has equipment cards and event cards.
Dice are rolled for combat.
Players are on the same side to defeat the npc board.
Someone will need to take control of the "baddies" or you will need algorithms (aka instructions) for your monsters written down (eg: "take one step towards the nearest hero, choose the one with least healthpoints if they are equal distance, then use your basic attack once, then your super attack once." for each monster)
The board will be square/rectangel interchangable pieces that can random-up the dungeon at the start of the game with the "goal" (Team flag? Boss? Gold?) being placed randomly under one of the "secret treasure" cards
Game is an RPG - so full stats and upgrades will be needed for every hero seperately
Players will need to collect sets of armor and weapons and what not (like diablo matching sets) to reep super powerful benefits
Players will lay tiles as part of the dungeon map when they travel in any unexplored direction
Players will be able to give eachother equipment and weapon cards
Each player is different.
Players powers will be created via a plugin deck building mechanic that will get too out of control and sloppy and you will probably need to take it away :(

No doubt your hero classes will be straight outta lord of the rings? baddies n'all

So that is my "grumpy british" attitude towards your game design so far man. I think a better way of approaching it as opposed to leeping straight in to it via pigeon-holed mechanic catagories is probably design a simple system and see if it fits with what you want. As soon as you declare that your game is "a deckbuilding, dice rolling, auction based, compact, 123 components, modular board, figure represented, space, fantasy co-op combat" - then it puts some unnecassary restrictions on you to try and make your game MASSIVE - when it COULD be, simple and elegant - but butt loads of fun!!

If you are sure you want to go the "deck building dungeon crawl" route - then you have to check out Thunderstone. It is deck building merged with a kind of dungeon crawl and is probably the kind of thing that you would appreciate (still being the "hack n slash" rpgish monster fest BUT has a nifty "fashionable" deck-building element)

But whatever you choose to do man, bloody good luck and its a pleasure to have you here in bgdf :)

Hope ive helped


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Thanks for the advice. So far

Thanks for the advice.

So far i have been limited to the boardgames i had simple access to so thats the ones i have played. I also have a list of to buy games and i will add Thunderstone and the other games to it. Think it is possible to get some of them on XBox or IPhone, might be a bit cheaper if i need to test many of them.

The mechanics and categories i list it is more of a 'need to start somewhere' and a good first step seemed to be to learn what it was, what types would describe the game i was thinking about and learn more about them. I do not think all those will be in the final game and sure i will try each one out in smaller steps but this is more a first list of things i have to investigate more.

Now that i have the basic list down and some hints from you i think i start with making a simple game that are based on tiles or cards. Magic clone to learn how to create prototype cards or a Go clone to create tiles. Need to built up a basic set of protoype parts :).


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To simplify working on the

To simplify working on the board game and my other project on my list for 2012 i have setup a read only wiki that are open to read by anyone. Check it out at . Not much there yet but all design and everything will be there in the future.

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