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Hello Everyone!

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Joined: 02/15/2012

Hey there!

My name is Joe and I am new to the board. I have been working on a design for about three years now and I finally feel ready to start working towards a finished product. Here is a little teaser:

Beinvenidos! Welcome to Santa Maria. The year is 1950 and after a diplomatic visit to the United States, El Presidente has decided to create the first organized baseball league on the island. You are the manager of a team in the inaugural season of La Liga de Santa Maria.
You will need to manage your teams skills and abilities while raising fan support across the island and making a name for yourself abroad. The manager who has experienced the most success with his team and his fans will become a national hero. Will you lead your team to greatness, or be forgotten by history? It is all up to you in Republica del Baseball!

It is a dice based, resource management game. I look forward to filling you all in on more and really look forward to your feedback.


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Hia joe, nice to meet you

Hia joe, nice to meet you mate :)

As soon as I skim read it, I thought "ahh man, a sports game :(...."

Then I read to the bottom and it sounds great fun :)
Dice based resouce management - great theme and "Republica del Basball" is an awesome name. Very kitch and very cool :)

I can imagine cheesey grinning hispanic baseball players with loads of stubble around their chin and what not - sounds like a very cool theme to take advantage of :)

Really looking foreard to hearing more joe!


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