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Hello From Guernsey

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Joined: 11/29/2016

I've been mulling over writing a design journal for my current project and this seemed the perfect place, so introductions... My name is Jim and I'm stuck on a little island in the English Channel called Guernsey. I've been playing tabletop games of all sorts for as long as I can remember and designing them for almost that long, although I rarely complete anything I am making improvements in that area.

My current project is a diplomatic wargame which brings in several euro-style elements to keep the gameplay much lighter than a traditional wargame. I'm currently working with a Rennaisance Europe theme but as I am still very much at the early playtest stage nothing is set in stone.

I am planning on adding a few post-dated journals to clarify my progress and thought process to date and then using that as a platform to (hopefully) get some feedback and ideas and to keep my motivation for the project high so I can see it through to some sort of production.

Please message me of this sounds interesting, or you just want to say hi - I look forward to getting involved in the forums!!


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