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Hello I'm Bill and I'm a Photographer

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Joined: 04/29/2014

Hello All! My name is Bill and I've been developing a game for a little bit over a year. I joined this site to have a place to bounce ideas around and read about other experiences.

I also have another reason for joining, but I didn't want people to get the wrong idea so I will post about it here first.

I've been in photography all my life (my father is a camera tech, and has been for almost 40 years) and I've always had cameras and photography in my blood. Recently my good friend and I have partnered up to start doing product photography. We've gotten pretty good at it and have many great samples to share.

I love to take pictures of things I have an interest in and nothing has my heart more than analog games (for board to miniature). Which brings me to my point. I was wondering if there would be a place for me to promote my product photography services for developers projects. We can do a professional job at great prices. And everyone knows a picture can really sell something. So again I don’t want people to get the wrong idea and think I’m trying to spam myself, I just wanted to make sure it was OK to talk about this, and if there is place for me here.

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