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Hello from the Netherlands!

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Willem Verheij
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Joined: 06/08/2016

Hello, someone on facebook suggested I should join this site after I lamented on having all kinds of ideas for boardgames and other things, but not being able to finish it on my own.

I'm from the Netherlands and recently completed an education in scenario writing, I am hoping to switch to writing from my current boring job at a supermarket thats not giving me enough hours.

I have studied retail before and am qualified to be a first salesman. This does allow me to really consider the commercial side of any project, but at the same time I've always been a salesman for the customer and not the boss.

I really like movies of all ages and am trying to watch all the big classics. Other than that I have a large interest in history, videogames and boardgames.
Fantasy themes also appeal strongly to me, and most of my boardgame ideas tend to be either fantasy or historic.

As for boardgames, I tend to be strongly drawn to theme. Of course the gameplay needs to be solid and interesting, but there are plenty of games which have both those things. I really like to have an immersive experience, be able to tell a story with it. If only just for laughs amongst friends, to me that helps keep everyone engaged.

Fortune and Glory, and A Touch of Evil are some of my favorite boardgames, both from Flying Frog Productions. I really like how they show such a love for pulp adventure movies and horror movies. It makes you feel as part of such a movie.

Lords of Waterdeep is a recent addition that I really like a lot too, I really appreciate its efficient storage, easy to explain rules while it still offers plenty of strategy. The artwork is also beautifull.

My main problems with designing a boardgame are that I always seem to be missing like 20% of the mechanics.. I just cant seem to make it all on my own, it never quite fits in together completely.
And the second problem is that I dont have a test audience. Few people around me care for boardgames and even fewer have much time for them.

Hence I don't have that many boardgames. I am slowly building up my connection but only really started a few years ago when watching tabletop.

So thats it for my introduction, when I have time later today I'll do my best to start exploring the forums and will do my best to lend a helping hand where I can.

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