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Hey Bartender! is now on board!

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Joined: 05/04/2015

Hey everyone!

We just launched our new boardgame Hey Bartender! on kickstarter.

Hey Bartender! is a cocktail-themed party game for 2-4 players we develop to be enjoyed by wide range of people. We aim to connect happiness and create the best possible product and game play for our friends to maximise the fun-factor. Come check out our exclusive rewards and share us your feedbacks!

Thank you!

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Good luck

KS page needs a little editing. For example, "Learn about world-famous cocktails and its recipes through Hey Bartender!" should just read as "Learn about world-famous cocktail recipes with Hey Bartender!"

Also, I get that this is a party game, but the fluff for the character descriptions doesn't make sense. Why, for example, would Warner use a fake French accent to make random hookups if he is a Francophile looking to meet a French woman? It sounds like he doesn't care what sort of woman he meets. Also, what is a Magnum? I trained as a bartender (admittedly rusty) and have heard of a Magnum 357, Magnum 44, and Magnum Classic -- all regional variations on the same drink -- but "Magnum" is a Jamaican tonic wine.

Meredith being a female Clark Kent implies that she transforms into some sort of Superwoman, which would make sense if she was a party animal by night, like Barbara, but the comparison flounders if her personality remains the same. Why would the Car Bomb be Lou's choice of drink? That's more of a party drink. I've never heard of someone drinking them regularly.

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