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Hey there, people!

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Joined: 04/20/2019

Hey everyone, Drion here!

I'm just hoping this post is going in the right forum, but anyhow, I'm an aspiring experience and system designer with a Trello board way too full of ideas that might never see the light of day.

Now a student, but I fell in love with boardgames early and now trying to nudge everyone in hearihg range into playing with me. Just that the constant rejections I get, because every game looks like it takes a lot of effort, made me interested in bridging the gap of jumping from real-life to playing fascinating games. If you have some games that have an awesome (or terrible) introduction, hit me up with it!

Have an awesome day, and best of luck on your games!

let-off studios
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Joined: 02/07/2011

That's a level of enthusiasm that seems hard to top, Drion. :)

Welcome to BGDF!

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