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Joined: 06/14/2016

hello users guests and miscellaneous persons, I joined up a while ago but havent been active on the site, until now.
me and my partner at outlaw games (unofficial) have come across great concepts for too many games for us to develop properly ourselves, having taken our ideas up to playtest stages but until recently never settled on a set time to meet up and fully discuss and develop them.
so i will share a few here, its always nice to return to forgotten projects and get some hitherto unseen perspective.

i feel its time to contribute, seeing as i have lurked for a while scanning threads for useful info on structure and phases.

I myself am a massive amateur, i have dabbled in game design and prototyping for years, but im fairly ignorant of the various types, styles and mechanics that more experienced developers and designers will spot easily. as such i look forward to my ideas being picked apart or getting eyes rolled at.
my accomplice is much more aware of boardgame policies, he collects and plays a ridiculous amount of tabletop games, whereas i have spent my design phases randomly chucking things i like the sound of together to try and conjure a playable game from my own scrappy knowledge.

i might not have the chance to start a thread tonight, but ill make sure i log on soon to speak up.

keep up the good work all, and thank you for sharing your thoughts over the years, i have learned a lot from my periodical perusal of the site.
take it easy.

Joined: 06/07/2016
Welcome aboard Slide! I look

Welcome aboard Slide! I look forward to seeing some of your ideas.

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