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Hi to all board game designers and to everyone else!

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My name is Alex, and I live in Redondo Beach, CA. I love making board games. On my website I listed all the games I made. The first board game I'd love to publish is Abducted By Aliens. I made a high quality prototype and took it to a few conventions in LA. My plan is to use the Kickstarter to collect some funds for production. But before I actually start the project on the Kickstarter it seems like a good idea to get some feedback on my game from the people with board game design and marketing experience


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Heya Alex, Iv'e never seen

Heya Alex,

Iv'e never seen you post before - so first off, welcome to bgdf :D

Regarding your game, it looks like a very family orientated game and would be less "geared towards" a hobby boardgamer. By hobby gamer I mean someone that plays a lot of boardgames and has graduated past monopoly and what not.

If you would like to get your game published, you can approach publishers (make sure that yours is the kind of game that they would normally produce). Looking at your art and theme, they may well completely re-theme the game and quite they would be quite likely to change the illustrations as most have very high thresholds.

But saying that, I can see your game being somewhat similar to cranium - but for a more family / child like environment (your picture shows one of hte cards saying "play a game of thumb wars, the winner gets to move - right?) so I would think there was no point pitching the game at anything other than that kind of customer.

Kickstarter may well be a valid option for you - but again, without being a hobby game and really raking in the hardcore crowds it will be hard to try and grab the "family fun and imaginative" base from kickstarter - have a look at "Hey Mom, can I drive!?" - which was a roll-and-move style game about driving that failed on kickstarter. That was also going after the "family fun" group.

What is VERY important Alex is that you get your game playtested. That means you give it to people (not just friends) to play and ask their thoughts. You need to do this A LOT of times as you will find out so much about your game with this knowledge.

I have to say that if I was a publisher I would not entertain your game - I would think that it was trying to fill a gap that is too hard to breach in to from our perspective facing the games industry. BUT then again, I am just a sour faced grumpy Brit!

So to sum up: playtest your game with hundereds of people and have a look around the games industry to see the kind of thing that does well with the right specific audience.

Hope I've helped, and best of luck mate!


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thank you

Hi Sam,

I appreciate your detailed review on my game. Thank you, it is very helpful.

I'm going to follow your advice. I will be looking for ways to make the necessary number of copies and to find people who are willing to play-test.

Thank you again,


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dartboard based strategy game

Hey Sam,
I've been play-testing Abducted by Aliens and having fun with it. Uploaded it on The Game Crafter. And recently had an idea to create a dartboard based strategy game. There are no games like that out there. And the ones that out there, like Cricket and Football, are extremely primitive. What do you think about it?

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