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Hi everybody! My name is Pauly and I am trying to make board games

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Hi! So as the subject states, my name is Pauly, well actually Paul but I am a Jr. so I usually go by Pauly to my friends and family. Since this seems like a friendly place, feel free to call me Pauly.

Anyways, I am an Game/App designer/developer for my full time job working for a start up company, and I am making board games on the side for two reasons. One, making any type of computer software or game is extremely time consuming and making board games scratches the itch for me to be creative on a much shorter timeline. Two, I'm on my computer writing code or laying out designs all the time so making analog prototypes is refreshing and therapeutic in some ways. This is somewhat false in that I still usually make a lot of my prototypes on my computer because that's what I know, but I digress. I still get to cut stuff out and step away from the computer for my board game activities.

I am kind of a Master of None, Jack of Trades kind of person. I have been a Graphic Designer professionally, Web Designer, then Web Developer, then Multimedia Designer/Developer, and now I can do full stack development, which just means I can write the code for the website or app that people see and the code and database structure to support the website. I am also trained as a 3D Animator and Rigger and can make animated shorts and films if need be. The one thing I lack is really good artistic talent in drawing, hence the reason that I am not a professional animator. I can make things clear to people but it doesn't look good. The reason why I mention all of my disciplines is so I can give advice and pointers to people with some authority. But as I have stated, I am not a master of any of it. But I can usually tell you what you are doing wrong and nudge you in the right direction to help fix your issues.

I have many game ideas in the works, but really only one prototype that is playable at the moment. The tentative title for this is Intergalactic Football League: The Game, which is a futuristic American football game where you try to outwit your opponent with a timely pass or run (via cards and dice), kick (flick) the football to gain money & points, challenge your opponent player to a fight to steal the ball if your strategy fails due to dice rolls, and use cool items to gain the upper hand on offense or defense. I chose the future and space themes so I can play with the rules of American Football, and also play with what the individual players can do especially if they are aliens.

This is playable on Tabletopia now if anyone is interested. I don’t have a full rule book made and there are many things I would love feedback on, and am open to a co-designer or a game developer looking at it if they are also interested. I am on my 6th or 7th prototype, so I will make a game journal and just post all the steps I have made to get to the point where I am now, which is still not complete.

I’ll be commenting on threads where I feel I can help. Please feel free to ask me anything and I hope to have a fun and knowledgeable time here at BGDF!

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