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Hi from NY

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Hi Everyone,

I just found this site through Tom Vassel videos so I thought to check your forums.

I never designed a game before and originally i was not planning to.
My niece loves greek mythology and munchkin so i thought I could make a munchkin mythological for her alone.

Unfortunately I have a well developed fantasy and what started as a simple swap of names on cards has now become a small Board game/rpg with 5 decks of cards

Now I am getting to a point where i feel I need help, I need to make an Hex map of greece with reliefs and icons representing cities, oracles, caves, temples, etc and don't know where to look

i think your forum could be helpful as well because I would like a little feedback about the game which has by now mechanics inspired by more then 10 other games.
I checked all other mythological games around and they either focus more on the gods or to much on the battle recreation or to much on the resource management.
Cyclades is probably the one I liked the most but what I am doing is far from their mechanics.

thanks for your attention


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