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Hola from Indonesia

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Joined: 05/18/2017

Hello, my name is Realeo and I came from Indonesia. I have been designing game for fun and I thought "Why not give this forum a try?" I particularly interested at rule writing skill because writing is not exactly a strong point.

I have a game that is on my design table that receives my focus right now. It's a micro came that involves bluffing and hand management. Think Get Bit! At one point during Fall maybe I would try to pitch it.

I particularly interested in learning to insert more serious game mechanic into my design. I have been browsing variations of mechanic of war resolving method (from primitive Risk to a more sophisticated one.) I am also trying to mess up with somewhat rare mechanic. At one point in the past I tried match-3 mechanic (think Candy Crush Saga) but I can't really mix it in with others so it's just sitting on my box.

I absolutely adore social games that include social deduction: Coup, Saboteur (not really), ONUM, Love Letter and currently learning to love other type of gamess.

Cheers <3


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Joined: 04/06/2017

Welcome to the forum, a lot of good information here & ideas that you can think through.

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