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Howdy all! Let me introduce myself

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Hello BGDF forum members!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nick Carrier from London, UK. I've been playing classic board games since my childhood. However, it's hard for me to play unconventional modern board games like Imaginarium or Cluedo, I just can't figure out what's so cool in those types of games. Don't know why, but I'm not that keen on such kind of games. I might seem a bit old fashioned, but I prefer classic old-school games like chess, renju, gomoku or connect 4. My passion has recently helped me find my current job as a project manager in a software development company. The project I'm working on is called SkillGamesBoard, a user-friendly cross-platform portal for playing free classic board games onlin with your friends. If you want, you may check it here

We're developing several games right now for our portal and I'm very happy I've found this community, because we'll certainly keep going forward and develop even more games - we'll need ideas for the games, and I hope to find some here, plus share my experience with the community hands down, as well as receive some critical notes about the current version of the portal.


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Greetings and Welcome!

Welcome to the Forum, NC!

The classic games are how most gamers, I would imagine, ignited their passion for games, in general. My journey started with Chess at 5, along with all of the games which U.S. stores carried (and still carry) to this day: Life, Parcheesi, Monopoly, etc. Years, later I developed a love for role-playing games as it freed one from the very constricting box within which one found board game rules. Additionally, I played hex-and-counter war games as the rule-sets seemed to accommodate a much higher level of thinking on the part of the player. Then...everything changed in the late 90s, though I didn't find out for another decade, of the new world of board games.

Hope you enjoy your time out here.


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