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I am cptsparrow! Now, bring me the horizon....

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Joined: 07/15/2019


I am a pirate, an avid board gamer, a hacker, a cyber consultant by profession.
Thank you for accepting me into the band of pirates!
The hard work you guys put into building this is commendable! Kudos to you!

Pirates like me just come here to mine the gold. I have a game called 'hackd' that I am designing to make it efficient to spread cybersecurity awareness to even our grandparents. I seek help in that mission and you all will be given due credits for helping me out.

I wanted to add my name to the list, The BGDF Designer Database but that link seems disabled. What am i missing?

Again, thanks for this hard work, please let me know if I can be of any help.

Ninaad (aka cptsparrow)

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Joined: 01/23/2018
Welcome! Are you talking


Are you talking about this page?

Seems to be working. I just submitted my latest game 5 minutes ago. However, that's for published games, not works in progress, if your game is still a work in progress.

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The thread is LOCKED!

But you can use the LINK provided to add any COMPLETED game design. By completed we mean something that is FINISHED, PUBLISHED (via a Publisher or Self-Published) and with usually a Board Game Geek link. This last part is important because IF BGG accepts your game into their list of games, we too have no problem in accepting it also!

So you can't post any comments in that thread, but you can use the links to ADD a game to the list of completed games.

I have to ask Rich about getting editing rights to that spreadsheet. There needs to be a bit of a "clean-up", I do it periodically when I realize that the spreadsheet is a bit in a "chaotic" state.

In any even I checked the submission form and it seem okay. But I'll re-edit the spreadsheet a bit to improve the readability.

Cheers and welcome to BGDF!

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