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I'm here, now what?

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Joined: 03/22/2012

You mean I'm meant to introduce myself?

Ok, here we go.

I have no real plans to be a professional game designer, but I do love my games and I really love understanding how things work. I've thrown together a couple of ideas, one or two of which I may put up for appraisal here (although I don't know how many people will appreciate the flavour), but I'm just as happy to join in on conversations about mechanics, ideas, and anything else that will help teach me what goes in to making a game fun.

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Joined: 12/09/2008

Glad to have you, ConMan! I, like you, enjoy games of all types and take special interest in the cogs and gears that lay just beneath the surface. Although your asperations may change concerning making games for profit, I also share your initial motives. The hunger to design and develop for modest reasons doesnt exempt us from designing potentially cool games. Whether you make games for your family, or for the world, this is a great place to hang. It is truly refreshing that you come into this forum with only pure interest: not hawking the the next "awesome" game on kickstarter.

Again, welcome! And we look forward to "talking shop" with ya!

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