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Introducing the Giant Brain

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Hi folks,

I've posted a couple of times before on these forums but not for the last couple of years. I am currently in the process of getting back into design and, hopefully, some distribution so I thought I should introduce myself properly.

My name is Iain McAllister and I run a website called The Giant Brain.

I have couple of games out already, Revenge of the B-Movie and its sequel and am currently working on the following:

Kapow: a card game of superheroes beating the snot out of each other. In prototype.
Nobel Intentions: about making, stealing and creating inventions to get the most nobel prizes. In prototype.
Watch Closely: a game about magicians in the golden age of magic, in very early stages. Not yet in prototype.
Untitled mob game: a cross between deck builiding and the loyalty/ crisis mechanics from bsg. Not yet in prototype.

Look forward to helping people out and getting feedback on my own designs.


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Keep rolling !

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