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Joined: 01/28/2018

Hello everyone. I am a huge board game addict. Also enjoy creating computer animations. Currently learning about board game design. Learning for the fun of it and not really as a way to make a living or a few bucks. Of course if something I created gets published who wouldn't be thrilled? I am currently working on a card game and taking it one step at a time. Did a rapid prototype and self played it and quickly found a few kinks and I think got those fixed. Now ready I think to move on to play test by others. Looking forward to learning a lot. Thanks for having me.

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Joined: 03/09/2016

Welcome! It's good to have you. I'm working on a card game as well, and my thoughts are with you haha. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

-Jonathan Flike

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Hi Arnold

Hello and welcome to BGDF, Arnold!

Did you participate in this past weekend's Global Game Jam? You mentioned computer animations, and it sparked the question. This year was my first time at the GGJ and it was a blast. Animators and artists were scattered across all the teams, scrambling to make their game look perfect before the 48-hour deadline.

In any case, best of success to you and your projects, card games and otherwise. :)

Joined: 01/28/2018
No I didn't get to

No I didn't get to participate but sounds like it was a good time. Thanks for the warm welcome.

Joined: 12/19/2017
Welcome Arnold. I'm a

Welcome Arnold. I'm a computer animator as well. Do you work in the industry or is it just a hobby? Good luck with the card game. I've really enjoyed playtesting my first game design over the past 2 months.

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Welcome! I'm new here too. I love designing game systems, and if I have a specialty, it's in simplifying mechanics (which led to what I'm working on now, an RPG board game designed for kids, not just a game for teens with a 7+ label on it, with very simple rules)

Joined: 01/28/2018
Only as a hobby. Always

Only as a hobby. Always learning new stuff all the time. ;)

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