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I am from Maldives. I have developed a board game which is played using dice and cards
The original idea is like Monopoly. But mine has new dice that has numbers 012567. Designed for four players who use tokens. There is an additional token which every player moves to seven spaces in addition to his token that is moved according to the dice. The common Die is used as a timer, when it makes one roond it is considered one month. There is one set of cards total 15 with number on top of each designating the month. After every round a card flipped, it has instructions wflhich every player follows. Usually these are taxes and csr items the players pay to the bank . There is another 24 cards set with rewards and payments.
The game I s tourism destination promotion product and has pictures of Maldivian resorts and there are a lot of information provided about the destination.
Every three months the price. Changes Players act as investors and visitors. The game is now in the market and has patent pending with us pto. I am also in the process of applying for. Patents in Australia. I am hoping to produce the game in major countries to promote the Maldives. The game is a tourism promotion product and hence sponsorships can cover the cost. I am looking co designers to develop variants of this game. It can be made to any destination

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